tailor       your hat

with A             dedicated


If you feel you want

something extraordinary and made specially for you with a 

dedicated weaver we can weave your name, initials, or logo  

into the crown of the hat with the measurements, weave type and allthe specifications of your 

choice. The tigher the weave,

the softer it is, the more

UV ray resistant. A fino or 

super fino hat will weigh just

a few grams. A super fino will weigh like a feather. What you see in these  pictures is a super fino hat that takes 2-3 months to craft. This is a true luxury because...how many such

hats have you seen in the

world?. If you have time 

to wait and have something

spectacular, let us know your

specifications and we'll

quote it for you. A pre-payment is necessary as it is a customized piece. If you have ever seen something as artistic and personalized like this you must let me know !

The hattitude hand-woven elegance

artisan luxury in montecristi hats and pashminas