The hattitude hand-woven elegance

artisan luxury in montecristi hats and pashminas 



panama hats

Are you looking for a quality or even...a master piece? do you want it customized with your name, logo, with your weave quality, your measurements, your brim length?  Talented weavers will craft to your demands if you wish. The hats are not crafted in a factory. They crafted in the homes of each artisan involved a long process. All Montecristi weaves are of limited quantities with a quality worthy of impressing a king. What is true luxury? An expensive object where a machine was involved and can be produced in hundreds if not thousands? or a hand-made object that needed 500 years of savior-faire to come to what it is, and can only be crafted by a dozen people in the world?. I have taken the time to recruit the best weavers and artisans in the world in the Montecristi region to bring you top of top in toquilla straw hats, commonly known as "Panama" hats.

Price varies depending upon the weave. Every hat can be tailor made for you based upon your wish of shape, brim size, head size, weave quality, decoration.

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