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In 2012 UNESCO granted the traditional Montecristi weaving (in Ecuador) the status of Intangible World Heritage of Humanity. The hats following this ancient craftsmanship use the palm tree Cardulovica Palmata, a soft yet resistant and durable plant.  What distinguishes a hat from a masterpiece is savoir-faire and talent. Not all hands weave with the same precision and fineness. I took the time to select the Maestros that can craft treasures to fill the gap for bespoke luxury. Each piece is crafted entirely by hand in the homes of our artisans in Ecuador. There is no factory.  A little piece of my collection is a big experience of a great culture and history that created the legendary toquilla straw hat, commonly known as Panama hat. We propose pieces of supreme aesthetic value and craft magic for those that believe in it. Our magical hats are not found in stores. All hand-woven hat designs  are intellectual property of The Hattitude Hand-Woven Elegance and customizations are proof of our unique value proposition. To compliment its luxury collection, The Hattitude offers exclusive pashmina shawls from Kashmir, India. Each piece offered by The Hattitude is unique, elegant, durable, to some extent opulent. We capitalize on luxury produced in limited editions in order to focus on uniqueness, as well as the artistic and qualitative features of both Ecuadorian and Indian heritages. This is the height of craftsmanship in hats and shawls and we invite you to discover art as fashion combined together. 

The hattitude hand-woven elegance

artisan luxury in montecristi hats and pashminas