Panama hats

​Ladies, your Panama hat does not have to look like every other ordinary Panama hat, nor does it need to be masculine. I've designed a series of hats for the sophisticated, self-confident woman of the 21st century. All hats can be customized to your weave desire, size, shape, brim, height, decoration. That's the competitive edge of having a set of talents dedicated to develop my ambitions for the high fashion world of hats. No-one thinks straw can be high-fashion. Just browse down and marvel yourself at creations and qualities not available in stores, of limited edition and
top craftsmanship. Every hat has its own DNA, a master weaver behind, a name, a face, a passion. Please be patient as all pictures are in HD and it might take some seconds to load the complete page. Enjoy something new, never been done before for women.

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The hattitude hand-woven elegance

artisan luxury in montecristi hats and pashminas