The hattitude hand-woven elegance

artisan luxury in montecristi hats and pashminas 


PANAMA HAT PRICES                   A hat or a Montecristi UNESCO World Heritage ?

Watch for the EDGES ( how tight and small they are ), the SOFTNESS ( this can vary a lot ), the INSIDE OF THE CROWN     ( how many circles do you see? the more, the finer ). It is not practical to ask a buyer to judge the weave counts by measuring the amount of threads per cm2 or per square inch. This is a complicated method, you need a magnifying glass and plenty of patience. More practically, you can just look at the edges and you have your answer. Prices on the custom-made hats vary on the choice of design woven on to the hat, brim width, crown height and decoration ( textile, python, silk ). Every hat is unique and fineness of weave will vary even among "same category".


LEFT TO RIGHT: (Indicative examples. Brim length can increase the price, after 6 cms.)

Royal: USD 5 000,  Super Super Fino: USD 3 000,  Super Fino: USD 1500,  Fino: USD 450,  Cuenca weave: USD 200


*Royal weave: max 2/year.  Special designs to be quoted according to the design itself. A Royal weave takes 8 months to complete.