Social responsibility

            A commitment  to support montecristi women 

The Hattitude is committed to prevent the fine art of weaving from dying out

The hattitude hand-woven elegance

artisan luxury in montecristi hats and pashminas 

® .

Proudly fostering women's work

hattitude supports women

"My grandmother wakes up early in the morning and proudly shows me the

beauty of a weaving tradition which we keep secret in Montecristi. She is happy because she now belongs to a group of women whose work is being professionally marketed in all corners of the world for the first time.  Her work will be fairly paid she says. Her work and that of a new group of women who are united towards a common goal of high quality craftsmanship in a newly coordinated manner under the leadership of The Hattitude. New markets for this group means a new hope because it will give them more options to sell. I think I also want to learn this secret when I'm big. Grandma says we've had it for hundreds of years and it is like a treasure and I want to own it also. I'm off to school now and learn what these words mean". These pictures are taken in Montecristi in 2014, recognizing the performance of the women that have crafted the hats for the Swiss company, The Hattitude.